The Power of Playing with Two Hands

by Jazer Lee

Prioritizing the Left Hand

Do you ever find yourself struggling with your left hand while playing the piano? It’s a common challenge, one that many pianists face. The feeling that your left-hand lags behind your right, that it takes longer to learn and master. But there’s a simple yet powerful concept that can revolutionize your left hand playing, and it all starts with a shift in perspective.

With this approach, you’ll reap significant benefits. Firstly, by mastering your left hand, you free up valuable mental space to tackle the more technically demanding right-hand segments. Complex pieces require immense cognitive focus, and a well-honed left hand allows your brain to allocate more resources to the intricacies of the right hand.

Secondly, consider the left hand as the rhythmic anchor of your performance. When you invest extra practice in this often-overlooked hand, you lay a robust foundation for the entire piece. This rhythmic stability permeates through your playing, enhancing not only the left hand at the same time, also elevating the right hand’s performance.

In essence, the left hand is the foundation of your musical skyscraper. A solid base allows for towering achievements. So, as you progress in your piano journey, remember to view your hands as distinct, equally vital components. Prioritize the left hand, and watch as your playing soars to new heights.


There are many strategies for improving not only your left hand but both hands! In fact, I have released my very own piano course called the “Hand Coordination Bootcamp”. This initial course is specifically aimed for beginners to help bring their hands together on the piano. 



Check out the bootcamp now:

Check out the bootcamp now:

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