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3 products to help you quickly improve your bass clef reading

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Most beginner students start learning the treble clef notes and find reading bass clef notes a challenging transition.If you want to quickly learn to sight read bass clef, here are my most recommended products. These will help you get going faster than ever before without feeling lost. My former students have enjoyed using these materials; maybe they’ll be helpful for you, too!

1. Alfred’s flash cards – Perfect for learning notes and rhythms quickly.

2. Music Note Teacher – This is a double-sided card to help you quickly learn how to read notes. Just move the note head to the appropriate place or line, then flip the card over to see the printed notes on the other side. Many of my students learn notes quickly with this ingenious tool.

3. Student keyboards Guide – This is an ingenious foldable card with 88 keys that goes on top of your keyboard. Each key has the corresponding note written on it so you can quickly look up which note to play. Many of my beginner students have found this very helpful.

With these simple tips, you will see improvement in reading the bass clef. I encourage you to try my methods and then let me know how they helped you! You can also watch videos or read blogs for more piano tips.

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